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Brakes maintenance

Auto Repair and Maintenance Services in New Westminster

Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of our business. Hear about what some of our past customers have to say about our service at Dawson Services Ltd in New Westminster. To schedule your service appointment, contact our team today .

Service for Over 30 Years

Our family has been taking our cars to Dawson Service for more than 30 years. We feel very confident that our cars are reliably serviced. We like the fact that Ken and his co-workers not only service our vehicles but also check to make sure there are no other mechanical problems. If another problem is discovered, we receive a phone call advising us about the seriousness of the problem and the approximate cost to fix it. No work is done until the customer authorizes it. We have seen the quality of the work performed by Dawson Service. Regular service ensures trouble free transportation and peace of mind. We would highly recommend Dawson Service Ltd.

Brian and Cathy G. - New Westminster

Excellent Fleet Service in the Lower Mainland

Masonlift Ltd operates a large fleet of service vehicles in the Metro Vancouver and surrounding areas. Without our vehicles on the road, our service technicians cannot work, which means our customers cannot get their needs met. Masonlift has been dealing with Dawson Service for approximately 14 years now and has always had exceptional service. The people at Dawson go out of their way to always exceed our expectations because they understand the importance of keeping our vehicles mobile. We operate a mixed fleet of diesel and gas powered vans, pickups and cube trucks. Even with our new vehicles, Dawson's takes care of recognizing when warranty would apply and deal with the local OEM dealers to have those repairs done. Being that we operate in a very competitive retail service industry ourselves, we understand the importance of delivering good value and making it easy for our customers to do business with us. This is something I look for in the vendors we choose to supply us with services, and Dawson Service certainly delivers that.

Steve T. - Delta, BC

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