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Brake repair


When it comes to your vehicle, you should only turn to someone you can trust. At Dawson Service Ltd, we have over 50 years of experience providing automotive services , including brake repairs in Westminster. The brakes in your vehicle are arguably one of the most crucial units for safe motoring. When something goes wrong with them, you should attend to the problem quickly and have us look at them. Our qualified technicians have the expertise to inspect your brakes and diagnose them with our precise technology. Once we identify the source of trouble, we craft tailor-made repair solutions that will put you back on the road as soon as possible.

Whether it's carrying out repairs to your existing system or replacing parts, you can rely on us to get the job done. Our team has the skills to handle whatever your brakes throw at us. Not only that, but we can work with all makes and models to provide you with long-lasting brake repair in New Westminster. If you'd like to schedule an appointment with us or learn more about our services, please call us .


If you're suffering from brake-related issues, you might be putting off visiting an auto repair centre. However, this is a bad idea for many reasons, the chief of which is your safety on the road. When your brakes give you trouble, it is essential to drop everything and visit us for repairs, because:

  • Safety: Not attending to your brake issues can put you in a situation where you're unable to stop your vehicle on time. This brake failure can threaten your safety and those of others on the road.
  • Instability: Apart from the failure to stop your vehicle, brake troubles can create instability while driving. Your brakes might become uneven in their functioning or too far out of balance.
  • Costs: When you don't attend to a brake issue on time, you risk worsening the damage. This aggravation can force you to spend on expensive and more extensive repairs later.
  • Vehicle damage: Your brakes not functioning effectively can affect other parts of your vehicle. This added stress can prevent them from operating optimally. 

Would you like to find out more about why it is crucial to repair your brakes on time? Our team would be delighted to address your queries .


While you might be able to tell there is something amiss with your brakes in most cases, sometimes these issues can slip our notice. As we've already mentioned, not attending to your brake damage on time can be costly. We recommend paying attention to the following signs, which can indicate signs of brake damage:

  • Brake light on the dashboard: You should never ignore the brake lights when they light up on your dashboard, which are the most obvious signs of brake trouble. If your handbrake is off and tires aren't skidding when the light comes off, it is time to visit us for a brake inspection.
  • Grinding noises: In many cases of brake issues, you might hear grinding noises when you use them and even feel them in the pedal. This sign could be something minor like a stone caught in the calliper or more extensive like worn-out brake pads.
  • Squealing noises: Metallic squealing sounds generally indicate damage to the front disc brakes and rear drum brakes pads. Failing to attend to this issue can affect your callipers and cylinders.
  • Vibrations: Vibrations in the steering wheel or wobbling sensations are common signs of brake-related issues. A common cause of this problem is the brake rotor coming out of alignment.
  • Burning smells: Apart from overheated engines, burning smells can also mean that the brake fluid inside the brake fluid in the callipers and cylinders is boiling. You should not ignore this issue under any circumstances.
  • Vehicle pulling to one side: Another sign of brake trouble is your car pulling to one side while driving and braking. This lurching can be a sign of a misaligned rotor or failure of fluid flow.
  • Spongy fluid: The pedal feeling spongy when you press it can indicate a fluid leak. Your fluid can leak into your master cylinder, brake lines, callipers and cylinders.


While it is essential to repair your brakes when the situation requires it, brake inspections and maintenance are cornerstones of brake care. When you bring your vehicle over to us for routine brake inspections, we will run comprehensive diagnostic tests that give us the complete picture. Regular inspections can enable us to detect brake problems in their early stages, which can help us to nip them in the bud. Not only that, but with regular maintenance and care, we can optimize their functioning and elongate their lives. 

If you'd like to schedule an appointment with us, please get in touch .

Brake being repaired


Our brake repairs in New Westminster will get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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